dd The "Iberia Graeca" centre has been promoted by the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid through its Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities and with the collaboration of the Departments of Protohistory and Colonisations and of Numismatics, and the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia in recent years have created a significant database of documents in the field of the Greek presence and trade in Iberia. The former through its collections of Greek vases from Andalusian Iberian necropolises and from research carried out into groups of materials found in sites in Andalusia, Levante, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, and the latter througth its collections, the result of the excavations on the Empúries site, the westernmost Greek colony documented in the Mediterranean. Both institutions have become generators of an enormous collection of documents that could be considered as one of the most important ones on Greek Archaeology in Iberia. This proposal aims to develop the collaboration of both institutions, promoting a common action for the creation of a Document Centre on Greek trade and presence in Iberia (IBERIA GRAECA) which, in the future, other centres and research organisations in Spain and Portugal will join.

The Iberia Graeca centre has been promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, trough its National Archaeological Museum, and the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, trough its Archaeological Museum of Catalonia,  with the collaboration l’Escala Town Council (Girona).

See BOE 56 de 6/3/07

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